Västerdalarnas Flygklubb is once again pleased to welcome you to Dala-Järna
and another edition of the airshow!

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Model airplane

Daniel Casselby is multiple Nordic champion in RC planes. At Flygfesten, he flies his Pitts Challenger II in a half-scale. It is a wooden building kit from Germany. With an engine of 20-horsepower and 14 servons and weight of 25 kg, he controls his model aircraft from the back in various acrobatic maneuvers.


Friday evening video

For the first time in Sweden, an full evening airshow. WE have a great program of displays, this video show some of them.
Gates open 5:00 PM
Airshow 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Entertainment 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM


Scandinavian Airshows

Scandinavian Airshow and Jacob Holländer presents one of the world's most powerful air show aerobatic biplanes - THOR. 
Air show pilot Jacob Holländer puts this amazing aircraft into its natural element. The air show public is invited to watch a 3D gyroscopic aerobatic show with a lot of smoke and manoeuvres, to mention something.


Fokker D VII

Mikael Carlson will perform at Flygfesten with his home built Fokker D VII. The Fokker D VII was most probably the finest single-seat fighter plane of WWI. A Fokker D VII could make a mediocre pilot into a good one, and a good pilot could become a legend.
Mikaels Fokker D VII is a reproduction using an original engine and only original materials and parts. The uniqueness of Mikael’s aeroplanes is that he prefer to fly them as they once were flown: A full display covering everything that was done with the machines in the early years.


JAS 39 Gripen Simulator

Do you want to fly JAS 39 Gripen? At Flygfesten in Dala-Järna your dreams can become true. SAAB comes with their Gripen-simulator, it has controls and instrument from a JAS 39 Gripen 



Håkan and Jasmine, speaker duo of Flygfesten. They guide us throughout the whole weekend and with their 86 years of combined flying experience with both military and civil background it's easy to keep up.

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