Friday evening

For the second time in Sweden, Flygfesten invites you to a spectacular air show during the evening. You will experience twilight airshows with fireworks, visit our dance floor and beer tent or see some of our live performances. This will be an evening to remember! 

Opening hours  
Gates open  5:00 PM
Airshow 7 PM - 10 PM
Entertainment 10 PM - 1 AM


Prices, all prices in SEK    
Weekend ticket* 12-17 years 510:-
Weekend ticket* Adult 1050:-
Evening Airshow Friday 12-17 years 165:-
Evening Airshow Friday Adult 310:-
Service fee will be added    

Children born in 2010 or later is free of charge in the company of and adult

* The weekend ticket is valid fo all entries throughout the weekend


Autogyro – a hybrid of airplane and helicopter (also called gyrocopter, gyroplane, autogyro). The first gyrocopter was invented at the beginning of the 19th century, but since then it has undergone many improvements to become today a so-called modern gyrocopter, today it is among the most reliable and safe aircraft. When you fly a gyrocopter, the rotor is rotated by the air coming from below so that it gets a carrying force.

Johan Gustafsson - Thorp T18

Johan Gustafsson comes to Flygfesten with his Thorp T18. Johan has become famous around the world for his great pyro - evening - airshow. You will see a very nice performance by Johan in Dala-Järna as it also is his home base. 

Laser 230

Jonas Larsson flies his Laser 230 at Flygfesten. 

Flying Bulls

Maximum discipline, focus, confidence and teamwork skills are essential for success of the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team, for many known as the greatest aerobatic team in Europe. With one of the world’s greatest aerobatic airplanes they will perform a unforgettable airshow!

Foto: Duncan Fenn

Johan Gustafsson - SZD-59 Acro

Johan Gustafsson comes to Flygfesten with his SZD-59 ACRO, it is one of the best aerobatic gliders in Sweden. Johan has become famous around the world for his great glider aerobatic airshows. You will see a very nice performance by Johan in Dala-Järna as it also is his home base. Johan is two time world champion in Advanced Glider aerobatics.

Rolls-Royce Griffon

Richard Adolfsson comes to Flygfesten with his Rolls-Royce Griffon aircraft engine. The Griffon with its 37L and 2490hp is the last and largest piston engine Rolls-Royce mass-produced before the jet engines took over. This model is one of only a handful of Rolls-Royce Griffon engines running this way in the world.
With over 20 years of experience from Scania Engine Development and long experience of extreme racing engines, you are warmly welcome to talk engines with Richard both in terms of engines from WW2 or engines in general.

Zlin 526

Zlin-526 was originally designed in 1959 and more than 1,400 Z-526s were manufactured, many for military and private flying schools. The Z 526's layout was organized with the pilot in the rear, and the student in front.

de Havilland Tiger Moth

Jörgen Davidsson, Steppen Sonestedt and Kenneth Öhrn flies an three ship formation Tiger Moth at Flygfesten!
de Havilland Tiger Moth is a two-seater English biplane designed in the 1930s for use as a school airplane. The aircraft operated in many countries' air force until the 1950s, and still many operates privately. At Flygfesten we will see a group of three Tiger Moth's!

Foto: Tim Jansson


Parachute shows are an appreciated feature at Flygfesten! Parachute jumpers from Fallskärmklubben Dala from Borlänge jump from a DC3 with smoke and flags.

Jurgis Kairys - SU31

An appreciated and self-written act at Flygfesten in Dala-Järna. With his Sukhoi 31, Jurgis make the audience hold their breath when performing stunnig aerobatics.

Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine Spitfire was a British fighter designed by Reginald Joseph Mitchell in the 1930s. It is best known for its efforts during the Battle of Britain and was one of the most important aircraft of World War II. Something to look forward to!


Flygfesten presents TEAM 50 Tommy Hansson, Alf Ingesson Thoor, Curt Cronerud, Niklas Eriksson, Magnus Borg and Tord Grönvik! With a group of 5 Saab Safir they will performe a stunning airshow. The SAAB Safir aircraft was used by the Swedish Air Force as a school, training, transport and reconnaissance aircraft between year 1946 - 1993.

Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM

Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team Flying in tight formation, the distance from one aircraft to the other is only three to five meters. The Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer is a low-wing tandem-seat training aircraft designed and manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.


For the first time Aerosparx will perform their evening airshow at Flygfesten! Guy Westgate and Rob Barsby, regularly take to the skies in their Grob109b motor gliders. By day, they perform a formation flying display with aerial acrobatics, while at night they quite literally shine with their unique pyro fireworks display.

JAS 39 C Gripen

Henrik "Sunshine" Björling flies a spectacular show with Gripen at Flygfesten in Dala-Järna! In addition to Saturday's and Sunday's air show, Gripen also flies on Friday night's air show program. Do not miss the chance to see Gripen light afterburner at dusk!

CC Riders

After Friday's spectacular evening air show, CCriders attends and offers an evening with varied repertoire with all the best from the 60's and 70's to much more modern songs.

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