During Flygfesten we have a market area directly adjacent to the public area. If you are interested in a place in this area, it should be notifi ed to us by 30 of July. Note that the area may be full earlier and in that case we can not receive more interested. We also reserve free trial on notification. Rules, prices and info is to bee recived by mail upon registration. If you sign up before July 6, you have the opportunity to advertise in our folder with your own custom advertisement. Price on request.
Contact person and application:
Roger Göstasson

Jas 39 Gripen Simulator

Do you want to fly JAS 39 Gripen? At Flygfesten in Dala-Järna your dreams can become true. SAAB comes with their Gripen-simulator, it has controls and instrument from a JAS 39 Gripen 


Håkan and Jasmine, speaker duo of Flygfesten. They guide us throughout the whole weekend and with their 86 years of combined flying experience with both military and civil background it's easy to keep up.

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