Västerdalarnas Flygklubb is once again pleased to welcome you to Dala-Järna
and another edition of the airshow!

Next edition of Flygfesten, 13-14-15 of August 2021!

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P-51D Mustang

Nordic Warbirds come to Flygfesten with a P-51D Mustang from England! The P-51 Mustang is one of the real classics of World War II. It was built as a hunt-, reconnaissance- and bomb aircraft. Its primary task was to escort and defend allied bombers on the way across Germany and back to England again. Of the approximately 16,000 Mustangs that were manufactured, nearly 300 Mustangs have been preserved today, but just over a hundred are counted as airworthy.


Twister Aerobatic Team

Formed in 2010, the Twister Aerobatic Team have performed at events across Europe and the Middle East showcasing the highly efficient Silence Twister aircraft. The Team are very versatile performing daytime aerial ballets and unique, sparking evening displays with specially developed pyrotechnic effects streaming from the aircraft's wingtips.


J 28C Vampire

Nordic Warbirds will perform att Flygfesten with a Vampire!
Vampire was one of the earliest jet aircraft launched during 1946. It became very popular and over 4000 aircraft were manufactured. Sweden, Norway and Finland have had Vampire in their Air Force. Vampire was an exceptionally versatile aircraft that put many records. Among other things, it was the first Royal Air Force aircraft at a top speed of over 800 km / h. It was also a Vampire who was the first jet airplane to take off and landed on a carrier ship and in 1948 a new high record of 18 119 meters was set up and later in 1948 Vampire became the first jet aircraft flying across the Atlantic.


Douglas DC-3

DC3 Daisy! Douglas DC-3 is one of the world's most manufactured transport and passenger aircraft. The prototype flew already in December 22, 1935. It was developed from DC-2 as a passenger and post-transport aircraft. In total, just over 16,000 DC-3 (the bulk for military use) were manufactured, of which more than 400 were still in commercial operation in 1998.


The Royal Jordanian Falcons

All the way from Jordan comes the military group The Royal Jordanian Falcons. They are a well known team at international airshows world wide and they have a reputation for precision, professionalism and spectacular performance.
The Royal Jordanian Falcons team presently consist 4 new Extra-330 LX aerobatic aircraft, one of the world's best aerobatic airplane.

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Gates open  5:00PM  
Airshow  7:00PM-10:00PM  
Entertainment   10:00AM-1:00AM  
Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Saturday evening       
Gates open  8:00PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  

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Airshow Friday, child Free entrance   Free entrance
Airshow Friday, 12-17years  150:-  180:-
Airshow Friday, adult* 270:-  300:-
Entertainment, Friday evening after 10:00PM  Only on site  150:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, child   Free entrance  Free entrance
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, 12-17 years   170:-  200:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, adult 325:-  400:-
Entertainment, Saturday evening 135:-  180:-
Weekend ticket, 12-17 years 450:-   500:- 
Weekend ticket, adult 850:-   1000:-

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