Västerdalarnas Flygklubb is once again pleased to welcome you to Dala-Järna
and another edition of the airshow!

Next edition of Flygfesten, 13-14-15 of August 2021!

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Team 50

TEAM 50 comes to Flygfesten! With a group of 4 Saab Safir, they will performe a stunning airshow. They fly on Friday night show and Saturday and Sunday airshows.



Don't miss the opportunity to fly helicopter during the Flygfest weekend!



Flygfesten in Dala-Järna is more than one of Europe's largest and best airshows. On Saturday evening we have a hangar dance! With dance floor and live performance with Barbados.


Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

From Norway, this Fieseler Fi 156 Storch will come to Flygfesten in Dala-Järna. This individual is an original from the world war two renovated in flyable condition. Most known for its slow flight characteristics is was used for reconnaissance and transport of people.

This Fieseler Fi 156 Storch is authentically painted.



From Denmark, the RVators formation team! With a group of 6 RV-aircrafts they will perform a nice formation flight with smoke on both friday evening airshow and saturday's and sunday's airshow. 


Marek Choim - Extra 330SC

Marek Choim from Poland, will participate at Flygfesten! He arrives with his Extra 330SC, one of the world's greatest aerobatic aircrafts. Marek will fly both on Friday evening airshow - with pyrotechnics, and on Saturday's and Sunday's airshow with smoke in the wing tips.

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Flygfesten presents

Saturday's and Sunday's airshow: 

Friday's evening airshow


Gates open  5:00PM  
Airshow  7:00PM-10:00PM  
Entertainment   10:00AM-1:00AM  
Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Saturday evening       
Gates open  8:00PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  

Prices (SEK)

  Online ticket     On site ticket
Airshow Friday, child Free entrance   Free entrance
Airshow Friday, 12-17years  150:-  180:-
Airshow Friday, adult* 270:-  300:-
Entertainment, Friday evening after 10:00PM  Only on site  150:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, child   Free entrance  Free entrance
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, 12-17 years   170:-  200:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, adult 325:-  400:-
Entertainment, Saturday evening 135:-  180:-
Weekend ticket, 12-17 years 450:-   500:- 
Weekend ticket, adult 850:-   1000:-

Weekend ticket valid for all entrance during the weekend

Free parking 
Free program leaflet

*Entrance for Friday valid until 1:00 AM

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