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Flying guests! You can book your slot time to Flygfesten
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CC Riders

After Friday's spectacular evening air show, CCriders attends and offers an evening with varied repertoire with all the best from the 60's and 70's to much more modern songs.


Helicopter 5

The Air Force Museum's helicopters from Linköping participate with two HKP-5 flown by David Björkqvist and Alexander Jacobs. HKP-5 was the defense's main training helicopter from the mid-1980s until the end of the 1990s, when this helicopter system was phased out.

HKP-5 is very manoeuvrable due to its small size and can be tactically flown at low and using the terrain to avoid detection. The rotor diameter and length also means that the helicopter can land on small surfaces.


Yellow Sparrows

Yellow Sparrows is coming to Flygfesten! It’s some of the Norwegian Air Force's pilots flying formation in six MFI 15. This single-engine, "shoulder" -wing aircraft developed at Malmö Flygindustri. It was ment as a training aircraft. The placement of the wing also guarantees a perfect all-around view. SAAB took over in 1968 and the military version came to be known as the MFI-17. It was used by the air force in Denmark, Norway, Pakistan and Zambia


J35 Draken

Saab 35 “Dragon” is a one-engine Swedish hunting aircraft developed by Saab for the Swedish Air Force. The aircraft was in military service for over 40 years in four European countries. Around 1950, Sweden realized that a hunting plan was needed to intercept the new nuclear bombing aircrafts. The aircraft would be equipped with radar and it would be able to fly faster than the sound. In addition, it would have a very good climbing ability, long range, endurance and ability to carry the weapons required for the mission.



Vampire was one of the earliest jet aircraft launched in 1946. It became very popular and over 4000 aircraft were manufactured. Sweden, Norway and Finland have had Vampire in their Air Force. Vampire was an exceptionally versatile aircraft that put many records. Among other things, it was the first Royal Air Force aircraft at a top speed of over 800 km / h. It was also a Vampire who was the first jet airplane to take off and landed on a carrier ship and in 1948 a new high record of 18 119 meters was set up and later in 1948 Vampire became the first jet aircraft flying across the Atlantic.

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Flygfesten presents

Saturday's and Sunday's airshow: 

Friday's evening airshow


Gates open  5 PM
Airshow 7 PM - 10 PM
Entertainment 10 PM- 1 AM
Gates open  8:00 AM
Airshow 11 AM - 4:30 PM
Entertainment 10 PM - 1 AM
Gates open  8:00 AM
Airshow 11 AM - 4:30 PM

Prices (SEK)

Advance purchase 12-17 years adult
Weekend ticket* 510:- 1050:-
Evening airshow Friday 165:- 310:-
Airshow Saturday or Sunday 185:- 365:-
Saturday evening 165:-
Price on site 12-17 years adult
Weekend ticket* 550:- 1100:-
Evening airshow Friday 200:- 350:-
Airshow Saturday or Sunday 220:- 400:-
Saturday evening 200:-
package 1 + weekend ticket   Out of stock
package 2 + weekend ticket   1840:-

Service fee will be added

Children born in 2010 or later is free of charge in the company of and adult
- No ticket needed

* Weekend ticket is valid for all entrence the whole weekend.

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