Västerdalarnas Flygklubb is once again pleased to welcome you to Dala-Järna
and another edition of the airshow!

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Scandinavian Airshows - Two ship formation

Scandinavian Airshows puts their amazing aircraft Thor and the Pitts S2B in a classic advanced aerobatic display with smoke system into their natural element. In a freestyle, the air show public is invited to watch a 3D gyroscopic aerobatic show with a lot of smoke and manoeuvres in two ship formation. They will perform both on Friday's evening airshow and Saturday and Sundays airshow.


Scandinavian Airshows - L.L.P.

Scandinavian Airshow presents its world unique, breathtaking and exclusive L.L.P. (led-laser-pyro)night show. The flight display, light & pyro is synchronized to music and with a pyro/ laser show it will be a night to remember!


Flight experience with Baltic Bees

We offer you to take advantage of a very unique opportunity, to experience jet aircraft aerobatic flight with Baltic Bees in their training flights for Flygfesten with their airplane L- 39C Albatros witch is a two seat jet designed for advanced aerobatics and flight training. Together with the pilot you will be able to fly and experience marvelous flight. You will be shown the most important aircraft instruments, their significance and function. Before the flight, we will make sure that you get all the necessary equipment and training to conduct a safe and exciting flight over Dala-Järna airfield in their training for Flygfesten. 

* Highest bid wins
* Bidding ends 1/8

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Johan Gustafsson Airshows - Thorp T18

Johan Gustafsson Airshow's latest addition to the 2018 Airshow season is his Thorp T18, which is specially designed for evening shows with LED lighting, and of course he will perform with his Thorp T18 at Flygfesten. Johan is world champions in advanced glider aerobatics, but now he shows what he is doing with his new engine airplane!


JAS 39 Gripen

You haven’t missed that JAS 39 from the Swedish Air Force will come to Flygfesten and do a spectacular airshow with JAS 39 Gripen?! In addition to Saturday and Sunday's airshow, Gripen also flies on Friday evening's air show. Do not miss the chance to see Gripen ignite EBK in the dusk.


Scandinavian Airshows - Catwalk

World famous Scandinavian Airshow Catwalk invites the airshow public and specially the families with children to a spectacular and very popular family show with its tuff, playful and friendly figures the Skycats. The Skycats will perform an aerobatic wing walking. With the powerful smoke system and wingtip pyrotechnic smoke the two Skycats are climbing and posing on the wings of the aircraft in different formations while the pilot is making numerous of aerobatic manoeuvres like loops and barrel rolls. 

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Saturday's and Sunday's airshow: 

Friday's evening airshow


Gates open  5:00PM  
Airshow  7:00PM-10:00PM  
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Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Saturday evening       
Gates open  8:00PM  
Entertainment  9:00PM-1:00AM  
Gates open  8:00AM  
Airshow  11:00AM-4:30PM  

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Airshow Friday, child Free entrance   Free entrance
Airshow Friday, 12-17years  150:-  180:-
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Entertainment, Friday evening after 10:00PM  Only on site  150:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, child   Free entrance  Free entrance
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, 12-17 years   170:-  200:-
Airshow Saturday/Sunday, adult 325:-  400:-
Entertainment, Saturday evening 135:-  180:-
Weekend ticket, 12-17 years 450:-   500:- 
Weekend ticket, adult 850:-   1000:-

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