Program and eveningactivities for Flygfesten 2012.
We promise that it will be a program packed with everything you can imagine!

Zlin 526 F 3 ship formation

Nordic Acro Flyers comes with 3 Zlin 526 F in 3 ship formation. Pilots are Mats Olsson, Hans Hermansson and Börje Haglund. Mats Olsson will also perform a solo show with one of the airplanes.


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Royal AirForce - Hawk T1

Royal AirForce comes with two Hawk T1 in pair formation from United Kingdom. Hawk T1 belonging to "208 Squadron" and is used for military training.




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Swedish Drift Force

Swedish Drift Force will come to Flygfesten and show us some drifting.

Driver is Jennie-Lee Hermansson.






The Skydiving club Dala comes to flygfesten and they will perform a airshow.



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Dalmåsarna participates with a paragliding airshow



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Miles Mercury

Hans KolbyHansen flies probably the world's only airworthy Miles Mercury.



GliderFX Pyroshow

Guy Westgate will perform a pyroshow in the nightfall during saturday night. This will not be a part of the airshow program, but belongs to the evening entertainment




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Tim Morell comes with a gyrocopter to Flygfesten. Tim have UL-A, UL-A sea and Ul-B ratings, he has over 320 h






United is a rockgroup and they will come to flygfesten and play some rock during the Fridaynight.



Boeing Stearman and 2 Tiger Moth in formation

There is a three-group consisting of a Boeing Stearman and two Tiger Moths. Kenneth Öhrn flying the Stearman and Jörgen Davidsson and Henrik Lundh will be flying Tiger Moth.




Modellflyg Mats Karlsson

Mats Karlsson comes to Flygfesten with two giant modelairplane.

There is one YAK 54 which has a wingspan of 4,6m and is 4,2m long. It weight 60kg and has a 5 cylinder radialengine at 26 hp.

The other is a Bellanca Decathlon which has a wingspan of 4,6m and is 3,1m long. It has a 275cc boxerengine as provides 26hp and the plane weight 42kg.




The simulator experience

From Finland comes a simulator with place for 18 persons. You can join a ride with a herrier jet fighter.



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Direktflyg Jetstream 32

Direktflyg will fly with a Jetstream 32 on flygfesten. They will also be at flygfesten an inform about where and how they fly in Sweden. There will be an oppurtunity to win a flight with dirketflyg to some of their destinations at the Flygfestenlottery.


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Anders Olsson Yak 55

Anders Olsson is three times nordic champion i aerobatic and will be flying the Nordic Acroflyers Yak 55 at Flygfesten.



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Baltic Bees Jet Team

From Latvia comes the civilian jet team with their 5 L-39C Albatros. Baltic Bees was created in 2008 and have been flying at a lot of big airshows around the Europe sice that day and now is it time for them so visit Dala-Järna.


Baltic Bees Pilots is:

Artjoms Soloduha
Ihor Judkin
Valery Sobolev
Aleksandr Zarins
Anatolij Perikrestov



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Less Than 4

Less Than 4 comes to play some rock at friday night at Flygfesten. The members of the band is:

Max Landegren

Stefan Westlund

Ludwig Tornemalm


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Team Tuulia

Team Tuulia is a group with two Fournier RF5 from Finland.



Pilots is Ari Saarinen and Antti Mäkelä

Radiocontrolled jetplane

Henrik Finnström comes with a radio controlled jetplane. It is a ViperJet and have a wingspan of 2,6m and weight about 17-18kg. The engine have about 18kg thrust.


Svenne Rubins

Svennerubins comes and plays some music during the saturday night on flygfesten.


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Face84 comes and plays some music in the hangar during saturday night.



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Belgian Airforce F-16 Solo Display

Belgian Airforce comes to Flygfesten whit their F-16 Solo Display Team. F-16 Fighting Falcon is a jetfighter with high performance. Their F-16 is special made for airshow display flying.

Pilot is: Captain Avi Renaud “Grat” Thys


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Zelazny Aerobatic Team

Zelazny is a aerobatic formation team from Poland. They are flying one Extra 330LC and two Zlin-50LS.
Piotr HABERLAND - left wing

Tadeusz KOLASZEWSKI - right wing


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SAAB AJS 37 Viggen

Swedish Airforce Historic Flight comes with the only flying Viggen in the world to Flygfesten!

Stellan Andersson will be the pilot and he will offer an unforgettable show with this amazing aircraft.


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SK61 Bulldog

Swedish Airforce Historic Flight comes with a SK61 Bulldog. SK61 Bulldog was used in the Air Force as a trainer aircraft between 1971 and 2001.
Pilot: Niclas Strandberg



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Viggen simulator

Johan Nauwelaertz de Agé comes with a Viggen simulator to Flygfesten. Try to fly the greatest jet fighter from the Swedish airforce




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Rundflyg med Helikopter

Norrhelikopter will have their Augusta Bell 206 at Flygfeste and flying sightseeing tours with.



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Davids Tivoli

Davids Tivoli will be on hand with its attractions for grown ups and childre




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Scandinavian Airshow comes with their Catwalk Team. Catwalk is a very spectacular show when two girl are walking on the wings of the airplane Grumman "Ag-Cat" as the pilot are doing aerobatics



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Daniel Ryfa

European champion from 2009 Daniel Ryfa comes to Flygfesten. He will show us what he can do in his Steen Skybolt



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Mustang and Spitfire from Biltema

Biltema airshow comes to Flygfesten with their two famous fighters of WWII. Vickers Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XVI and North American P-51D Mustang. Pilots are Pär Cederqvist and Philip Gerhardt



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SK-15 Klemm 35D rote

Klemm 35 is a German aircraft that was built in 1940. It was used in the Swedish Air Force during World War II as a training aircraft. Later this type also was used in the clubs.
Pilots are Patrik Sjöberg and Stefan Sandberg


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J 32B Lansen

Swedish Air Force comes with a J 32B Lansen to Flygfesten 2012.
Alf Ingesson-Thoor is the pilot.


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J 35J Draken

Swedish Air Force comes with a J 35J Draken to Flygfesten 2012.
Peter Hedberg is the pilot.


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JAS 39 Gripen

Swedish Air Force comes with a JAS 39 Gripen to Flygfesten 2012. It comes from F17 Ronneby and Martin Hansson will be the Pilot.


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GliderFX, Guy Westgate

Guy Westgate from England was one of the highlights during Flygfesten 2009, hi called his team for Swift Team. This year, he flies a specialized Swift S-1 and flies under the name GliderFX. We promise that this is a really spectacular display.


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Go Fast Jet Pack Man - Nick Macomber

During the Olympic opening ceremony in Los Angeles 1984 the sensational "rocketman" came flying over the arena. Straight from the USA to Flygfesten comes Nick Macomber, even called the Go Fast Jet Pack Man, todays rocketman. With his environmental friendly Jet Pack, which produces about 800 horsepowers, he will show us what he can do.

Go Fast Jet Pack Man has a world speed record with a Jet Pack at 110km/h and he has also flown over the Royal Gorge Canyon in the USA.

It is one of the first time a rocketman comes to Sweden, so do not miss his spectacular show.


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Lufthansa Ju-52

Ju52 is an aircraft from the 30's and was used as a passenger aircraft during the war and also for transportation and for skydiving.

There is also a opportunity to fly with the Ju-52, read more about that on the homepage.


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Johan Gustafsson

Johan will show an sailplane aerobatic program.
Johan is 21 years old and he won gold medal in the world aerobatic glider championships in 2010. He has also won the swedish national championships several times.


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Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis is one of the worlds best airshow pilots, he is 59 years old and lives in Lithuania.
Jurgis has been working as a test pilot for the big Russian aircraft manufacturer "Sukhoi". He has won the world championship in aerobatics several times and he also won the Redbull Airrace in 2003


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