Flygfesten 2015 became a success!

Västerdalarnas Flygklubb would like to thank you for this time and we hope to see you again!


Friday night we open 20:00, musical entertainment, a beer tent and pyrotechnic airshow until 01:00
Saturday we open the gates 08:00, airshow starts 11:00 and ends about 17:00. Get there early because the queues.
Saturday evening we open 20:00, beer tents, musical entertainment, dance and pyrotechnic airshow until 01:00
Sunday we open the gates 08:00, airshow starts 11:00 and ends about 17:00

Detail program can be found here. Program will be avaliable on site for free.

Flight school SAA

Scandinavian Aviation Academy, SAA, is one of the largest flight schools and conducts flight training in San Diego and Västeras. There will be both students and instructors on hand to answer questions about the SAA's flight training. Visit them and have a chance to win a pass to the school's new Boeing 737NG simulator! They will also demonstrate one of its aircraft during the air show.

More info: SAA

Anders Olsson Yak 55

Anders Olsson from Dala-Järna will fly his yak 55 during Flygfesten. Anders have won the nordic championship in aerobatic several times. Yak 55 is a popolar russion aerobatic aircraft with 360 horsepower.

More info:


There will be 20 parachuters jumping from the DC-3 "Daisy" during Flygfesten. They come from the club Fallskärmsklubben Dala.

More info: Fallskärmsklubben Dala

US Airforce Super Hercules C-130J

US Air Force comes with a Super Hercules C-130J, they comes direct from their airbase in Ramstein Germnay. Super Hercules C-130J is the latest and most modern version of Hercules, it is also the only one that still is n production.

More info: Super Hercules C-130J

RC model plane Extra 300L

There will be some RC model planes in the airshow too. Anong others, this big Extra 300L as will be flown by Micke Berg.

Tivoli and Simulator

During Flygfesten there will be Tivoli and Simulator to ride. The Tivoli comes from Davids Tivoli and the Simulatorn is from SK Profit, FInland.

Douglas DC-3 "Daisy"

Douglas DC-3 is one of the most popular passanger and cargo aircrafts ever built. It was flown for the first time in 1935 and there is still some in commersial use around the world. There is over 16000 manufactured. Flygande Veteraner owns this beautiful DC-3 called "Daisy". Pilot: Anders Jacobsen
Photo: Gunnar Åkerberg

More info:

Airshow in the dark - Twister Aerobatic Team

Twister Aerobatic Team will perform a night show after sunset on Saturday. This is not in the air show program, it is a part of the evening program, read more about evening program. This is something you can't miss.

More info:

3-ship formation with Tiger Moth and Boeing Stearman

One Boeing Stearman and two De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth comes to flygfesten and flies 3-ship formation. All 3 planes are bi-plane trainerns from 1930, Tiger Moth is brittish and Boeing Steaman in american.
Boeing Stearman will be flown by Kenneth Öhrnand the Tiger Moths by Jörgen Davidsson and Stefan Sonestedt

More info: Tiger Moth, Boeing Stearman

Zlin 526f

A 2-ship formation of Zlin 526f comes to Flygfesten. Zlin 526f is an Czech training and aerobatic airplane.
Pilots Mats Olsson and Hans Hermansson

More info: Zlin 526f

De Havilland DH100 Vampire

Vampire was one of the first jet fighters as where used in airforces, and it was used during second world war. It became very popular and more then 4000 where built. Both the airforces in Sweden, Norway and Finland user Vampires.

More info: Vampire

A-26 Invader

Douglas A-26 Invaderis a twin enginee aircraft as where used during second world war and also in the cold war. A-26 Invader was used as a light bomber and attack aircraft. This A-26 Invader comes from Nordic Warbirds and Jan Andersson will be the pilot during Flygfesten

More info: A-26 invader

Airshow in the night - Johan Gustafsson

We will show you an fantastic airshow after sunset. This is not in the air show program, it is a part of the evening program, read more about evening program. This is something you can't miss. Johan is a two time world champion in aerobatics, this will be something you never seen before!

More info:

De Havilland DH114 Heron

De Havilland dh114 heron comes to flygfesten. Heron is a 4-engine piston engine aircraft manufactured after the second world war. Heron is owned by Nordic Warbird

More info: Heron

SAAB AJS 37 Viggen

The first Viggens was delivered from Saab in the early 70s and the type then became the backbone of the Swedish Air Force until the Gripen was introduced in the late 90s. The last flight of the Viggen within the Air Forces took place in November 2005. The plane that comes to Flygfesten is the only flying Viggen in the world.
Viggen will only be flying on Sunday

More info: Swafhf Viggen

SAAB SK 35 Draken

The first flight with the Draken was made in 1955 and the type entered military service around 1960. The Draken was developed to meet the growing threat from the new high flying bombers. High speed and good climbing capability was there fore prioritized. SK 35 is the two-seat school version of the Draken, which in appearance is different from the other versions by the longer canopy and the slightly shorter tail . Performance-wise, it was the equivalent to the other versions.
Draken will only be flying on Saturday

More info: Swafhf Draken

2 ship formation Hawker Hunter

Hawker hunter is a british jet fighter as flew in 1951 for the first time. I was a very popular aircraft, 19 different airforces have been using it. Swedish airforce is one of them. In Sweden the Hawker hunter was called J34 and was used 1955 - 1969. Nordic warbirds ownes the black one and Swedish Airforce Historic Flight the green one.

Mer info: Hawker Hunter


Skybirds is the largest airshow team in Sweden, in terms of number of aircrafts. Skybirds consists of six Piper Pa-28, a very well known aircraft as is popular as a club plane.
One of Skybirds goal is to broaden interest in flying - not least for women. Skybirds demonstrates that flight, irrespective of gender, is something that everyone can and have the same conditions to make
Pilots in the Team:
Malin Ekberg, Solveig Jörgensen, Eva Dahlgren, Iris Stenbom, Christina Otter and Ann-Sophie Tersmeden.

(Photo: Dmitrij Karpenko)

Swedish Drift Force

Swedish Drift Force comes woth two drifting cars to Flygfesten. There will be loud and lot of smoke.
The drivers will be Mattias Österlund and Clas Halvarsson.

Bücker Jungmann

From Norway comes a two ship formation of Bücker Jungmann. Bücker Jungmann was a german basic training aircraft in the 1930s. Pilots is Lars Ness and Finn Terje

More info: Bücker Jungmann

4-ship SK16 Harvard

Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, comes with a 4-ship formation of SK16 Harvard. SK16 Harvard is a classic fighter trainer which has been popular around the world around year 1950.

More info:

Biltema Airshow

Biltema Airshow comes with Spitfire och Mustang. Spitfire and Mustang is among the most famous historic aircrafts in the world. Pilot: Per Cederqvist and Filip Gerhardt

More info:

4-ship helicopters

En 4-ship helicoters comes to Flygfesten. It is two Hughes 269 and two Bell 206 from FVMHL (Flygvapenmuseum Helicopter Lover). The helicopters has been flying in swedish navy, at htat time they was called hkp5 and hkp6.

More info: hkp5, hkp6

MC Stunt - Sune Andersson

Sune Andersson, known as "the wild man from Vilhelmina", comes to flygfesten ans shows us how to drive motorcycle in a way you never seen it before!

More info:

Twister Aerobatic Team

Twister Aerobatic Team from England comes to Flygfesten and it will be their first time in Sweden! Twister Aerobatic Team flies two Silence SA1100 Twister, and the pilots are Peter Wells are Chris Burkett. The Teamet was founded in 2008 and have since then been flying at airshows around the world but never in Sweden until now.

More info:

Air Bandits

Air Bandits is one of the most spectacular airshow teams in europe. The team consists of 3 russian aircrafts, one Sukhoi SU31 and two YAK52. The pilots are Jurgis Kairys, Ioan Postolache and Dan Stefanescu

Mer info:

3-ship Klemm 35

Klemm Kl 35, or Sk 15 which is the Swedish Air Force´s designation of the type, is a German aircraft that first flew in 1935. The aircraft type already existed in Sweden before it was used by the Air Force, then as a training aircraft for the growing civil aviation in the interwar period

More info:

Johan Gustafsson

The twotime world champion in glider aerobatics will be flying at Flygfesten. Johan is the youngest world champion ever. Hi is flying his SZD-59 "ACRO" which is the most modern aerobatic glider in Sweden. Johan flies and lives in Dala-Järna, so there will be a show at his homebase. SZD-59 "ACRO" is a polish glider made for aerobatics.

More info:

JAS 39 Gripen

The Swedish Air Force will participate even with the JAS 39 Gripen. Gripen was developed by Saab in the early 80s and was the first fighter of the so-called fourth-generation to enter service. The plane was initially developed based on Swedish conditions to replace 35 Draken and 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force , but the type has also been adapted to be more attractive in the export market. The aircraft remains one of the most modern fighter aircrafts produced today.

More info: JAS 39 Gripen

The Royal Norwegian Air Force 4-ship SAAB Safari

Saab Safari or MFI-15 as it is also called, is a further development of the smaller MFI-9 Junior that was produced by Malmö Flygindustri in the late 50s. MFI-9 Junior became known for its efforts during the civil war in Nigeria, where it was put into the military voluntary strength for Biafra. MFI-15 was produced from the outset with by military specifications and have been exported to Denmark, Norway, Sierra Lione and Zambia. The 4-ship group that participate at Flygfesten comes from the Norwegian Air Force.

More info: Saab Safari

Saab B17

Saab B17 was the first plane constructed completely by saab, the prototype flown for the first time in 1940. The aircraft was used as a bomber. It has a Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp with 1065 hp. This aircraft is the only flying Saab B17 in the world, enjoy this fantastic piece of swedish aviation history. Pilot: Jan-Erik Lundqvist

More info:

Baltic Bees Jet Team

Baltic Bees from Latvia will be back for another display at Flygfesten! 2012, the last time they were here, the group consisted of five aircraft. Now they are back with another L- 39C Albatross and with a program that is even more stunning. The Baltic Bees was formed in 2008 and is now considered to be one of the best civilian display teams in Europe. We are very pleased to have them here again!
The Baltic Bees pilots are:
Artyom Soloduha, Igor Yudkin, Anatoly Perekriostov, Alexander Zarinsh, Valery Sobolev, Robert Andrejev

More info:

Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis Kairys is one of the worlds best airshow pilots, he is 63 years old and lives in Lithuania. Jurgis has been working as a test pilot for the big Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi. He has won several world championships in aerobatics and he also won Red Bull Air Race 2003.

More info:

Fokker DR.I

This aircraft was made immortal by Manfred von Richthofen, better known as "the Red Baron". His red painted Fokker is as legendary as the air battles it took part in during the First World War. The last surviving Fokker Dr.I was destroyed in the bombings of Berlin in 1944. Mikael Carlsson´s replica is an hundred percent authentic reproduction of the original aircraft, including an original 120hp Le Rhone rotary engine.

More info:, Fokker DR.I


From Holland comes Rick van der Graf with a Yak- 3U. Yak-3 was regarded as Russia’s best fighter during World War II and had basically equivalent performance as the Spitfire.

It is the first time ever, a Yak-3U attending a Swedish Airshow!

More info:, Yak-3, F-AZZK (pdf)

TP 84 Hercules

The Swedish Air Force will participate with a TP 84 Hercules during Flygfesten. TP 84, or Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules which is the official name of the aircraft has been in service with the Swedish Air Force since 1965 - longer than in any other European country. The Swedish Air Force has six Hercules, all stationed at F 7 in Såtenäs.

More Info: Försvarsmakten, Lockheed C-130 Hercules


Swedish hang gliding federation will participate and demonstrate hang gliding. Annika Collen

More info: Swedish hang gliding federation

Passenger flight with helicopter

Heli Nord Norden AB will offer passenger flights with helecopter during Flygfesten in a Bell 206L Long Ranger.

Take the opportunity to see the surroundings from the air at a favorable price during Flygfesten!
The price is 400SEK for adults and 300SEK for kids up to 12 years.
Only cash payment

Piper J3 Cub

Bengt Andersson comes to Flygfesten and shows this classic aircraft. Piper Cub was manufactured between 1938 and 1947, and has been used for both civil and military purpose.

Bengt is a well known display pilot and he has also worked in the Swedish Air Force for 19 years. Bengt is now working as a commercial pilot.

More info: Piper J3 Cub

Tuulia Team

Tuulia Teams from Finland comes to Flygfesten! The Team flies with two Fournier RF5 motorgliders in a smooth display to music. Tuulia Team was appointed in 2011 as Finland’s best air show team.

The pilots are Ari Saarinen and Antti Mäkelä. Ari Saarinen is an ex Finish Air Force pilot and he flew amoung others J 35 Draken.

More info: Fournier RF5

With subject to changes.

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